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"Whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you're donating blood." – Bill Murray

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This is how it all started…

A slightly lost, constantly dazed student back in high school, I attended a journalism camp in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, about an hour out from my hometown, and it snapped me out of feeling displaced. A reporter’s notepad and pen in hand, interviewing the manager of the largest laundromat in Southeast Asia, I hadn’t known that taking a creative’s perspective would allow to pay attention to all the nuances of our world, uncovering the stories in between the trendy headlines. And the feeling of having a byline published is completely unmatched, the accomplishment in not having achieved something myself, but having told a story – let’s just say, I never had to question what I was going to do in my future ever again.

Sarah Jamil

Writer & Journalist